Transatlantika specializes in helping businesses grow and expand → by providing creative strategies and solutions. 

Transatlantika philipp zurmoehle portrait
Transatlantika wendy baker portrait

Philipp Zurmöhle
← Creative Director & Partner

Lives for Friday music releases and envisions where our projects are heading visually.

Wendy Baker
← Project Manager & Client Relations

Her middle name should be efficiency”. Draws wonderful color pencil cacti and gets shit done.

Johannes Bösser
Managing Partner →

Future show host, present podcast host and our super connector and conceptionalizer.

Julian Croman

Creative Account Manager →

A skilled communicator with a great sense of humor and a remarkable eye for photography.

Transatlantika johannes boesser portrait
Transatlantika julian croman portrait
Transatlantika klara schuetz portrait

Klara Schütz
← Project Coordinator Head Office

Plant mom and Laguna Beach tide pool explorer, coordinating everything and anything.

Jochen Wunder
Managing Partner →

Plays all kinds of keyboards and pianos. Ensuring the Transatlantika ship is sailing smoothly.

Transatlantika jochen wunder portrait
Transatlantika stefan roevekamp portrait

Stefan Rövekamp
← Partner

Our specialist for everything food and packaging related. Often seen cheering at his local soccer stadium.

Patrick Wolf
Technical Director →

Family first, code second. Leading his family of software developers efficiently to find the holy grail.

Anja Platzer
Accountant →

Our numbers are treated very kindly by our super mom!

Transatlantika patrick wolf portrait
Transatlantika anja platzer portrait

Brand ahead!

As our partner, you get access to decades of international experience in culture, marketing, strategy, design and software development. 

You’ll benefit from our proven track record of diverse clients from start-ups to established, large organizations.

The Transatlantika Crew

Our design and digital superpowers are rooted in our most important asset – our crew. 

When you and your crew get on board with the Transatlantika crew, we can creatively discover new shores together.

And most importantly: We are fun and easy to work with!

Sail with us!

We are truly transatlantic, with office locations in Portland OR, Hannover and Berlin Germany. 

We love to travel and are always available to meet you at your desired destination but we’re also experts in remote work via the tool of your choice. 

European Collaborators

WKG Software, IT and App Development
Picpacker, Motion Design & Film

American Collaborators

Human Shapes, Web Development

Portrait Photography



Transatlantika’s work has been featured in publications such as: 

→ Slanted, BranD, Novum, Page, DE:BUG, Design Report magazines and various design books.