Dürerstuben→ Klapp Downin Cover Art

Duererstuben klapp downin album cover

1. Dürerstuben Klapp Downin” EP cover.

We created the album art for Dürerstuben’s latest release Klapp Downin. 

The tracks Under Downin, Ori‘n‘Downin and Ow Sim Downin are waiting for you to twist your legs and arms to while the titles work as tongue twisters.

Duererstuben klapp downin under downin

2. Under Downin” song artwork.

Dürerstuben is a Berlin-based group creating tunes that move away and at other times towards musical mainstream, putting emphasis on the music’s ability to move people’s minds and bodies.”

Duererstuben klapp downin ow sim downin

3. Ow Sim Downin” song artwork.

The cover art for the EP and each of the songs make use of moody gradients that express the warm clubby vibe of the tracks.

Duererstuben klapp downin orindownin

4. Ori‘n‘Downin” song artwork.

Image Credits: Transatlantika