MAKA→ Macadamia Butter from Hawaii

maka hawaiian macadamia nut butter chocolate

A jar of MAKA

Transatlantika designed an identity and some jar labels for MAKA. It’s ultra delicious macadamia butter from Hawaii!

MAKA is made in Hawaii with all natural ingredients. The products are available in their online shop and in select local shops on the island.

Maka Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Butter Logo Design

MAKA Logo Design

Our identity includes a flowy nutbuttery wordmark. 

The labels feature a tropical collage pattern.

Maka hawaiian macadamia nut butter rainbow beach

Stuart, Founder of MAKA

Happy founder Stuart and his rainbow of macadamia butter flavors on a beach in Hawaii (jealous).

There’s 18 flavors in total.

maka hawaiian macadamia nut butter pure


maka hawaiian macadamia nut butter pistachio crunch

MAKA Pistachio Crunch