Our design Process→ 5 Steps

Transatlantika our process

Our easy and transparent process acts as a compass to reach your desired destination → Imaginative, distinguishing and carefully crafted design work, that stands the test of time.

We usually take the following five steps when working on a design project for our clients.

Transatlantika our process steps look around you

01 ← Look around you! 

First we’re analyzing how your competitors’ brands are designed. We’re providing valuable market insights to get a general overview.

Transatlantika our process steps differentiate dont imitate

02 ← Differentiate, don’t imitate! 

We’re making suggestions for finding a niche for your brand and what design elements can position you accordingly.

Transatlantika our process steps imagine broadly

03 ← Imagine Broadly! 

Now we are creating different design directions that vary in style. We show you various exciting paths you can take visually.

Transatlantika our process steps brand ahead

04 ← Brand Ahead! 

With our advice it’s time for you to intentionally decide for a design direction. We can execute all the required elements for you.

Transatlantika our process steps tend to your brand

04 ← Tend to your brand. 

It’s important to take care of your visual identity and make sure it stays cohesive. Let us help you with that.

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