Pure Tea→ Traudl Flavor

Pure tea traudl

1. Pure Tea Traudl” Packaging Design

Our collaboration with Pure Tea and Heine Warnecke Design (who designed the brand identity here) continues. We illustrated a lush alpine pasture scene with all the cosy elements you wish for.

Pure tea traudl 03

2. Pure Tea Traudl” Illustration, Detail

The story goes like this: When Traudl starts her way home from the Alm, she finds an incredible variety of local herbs along the footpath: ribwort plantain, burdock root, chamomile blossoms and dandelion, among others. 

Pure tea traudl 02

3. Pure Tea Traudl” Illustration, Detail

At home, she brews herself a large pot of tea from her finds.

1. Photo Credits: Althaus Tee Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
2. & 3. Illustration: Philipp Zurmöhle at Transatlantika