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Transatlantika statement video johannes boesser 03

Getting into the nitty gritty.

Our friends at Picpacker Motion Design filmed us talking about how we approach our projects. 

We set up our own YouTube channel, which will feature some more inspiring content in the future.

Transatlantika statement video johannes boesser

Johannes Bösser talks about our process.

Managing Director Johannes Bösser explains our process here at Transatlantika. 

From the introduction to listening carefully to the clients, Johannes talks about how we analyse the competition, create distinguished designs and deliver outstanding projects.

Transatlantika statement video wendy baker

Wendy Baker enjoys a coffee once in a while.

Our Project Manager Wendy Baker breaks down how we start the conversation with new clients and discuss what the best approach is to design a new brand identity for their company.

Transatlantika statement video philipp zurmoehle

Philipp is not blending in.

Why is branding so important?

Creative Director Philipp Zurmöhle delivers a quick message about the importance of a characteristic brand identity and why it is a useful asset for a company to be successful.

Transatlantika statement video patrick wolf

Patrick snips and the app development process gets going.

Watch out! This video is in German, but English speaking viewers can at least enjoy the quirky animations. Wanna get an app developed quickly? Our Technical Director Patrick Wolf explains how we can help you.

Patrick Wolf, Technical Director bei Transatlantika, beschreibt den Prozess der Entwicklung eine mobilen App speziell für Startups. Insbesondere geht es dabei um die Ideenfindung und daraus resultierend die Programmierung der Apps.

Transatlantika statement video johannes boesser 02

Johannes – Connecting people.

Working internationally is fun and has some benefits, too! Johannes Bösser explains the importance of collaborating between two locations – Portland Oregon and Hannover. 

He talks about how our trend and market experiences in Germany as well as the USA is informing our design process at Transatlantika.

Transatlantika statement video jochen wunder

Jochen simplifies complexity.

Once again a video in German. Enjoy the animations and watch Managing Partner Jochen Wunder talk about how we can work on the conception, design and development of your app.

Wir brauchen nächste Woche eine App, geht das?” Jochen erklärt den Prozess hinter der Konzeption, dem Design und der Entwicklung einer App. Wie lange es dauert es und welche Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten gibt es?

Transatlantika video brand ahead

Transatlantika – Brand Ahead!

Last but not least, watch us have some fun workshopping.

Video Production: Picpacker Motion Design