Busch & Takasaki Architecture

Visual Identity

Visual identity for Busch & Takasaki Architects in Berlin.

← For this poster design the architects’ models work as a backdrop with a blank slate on top that represents infinite possibilities.

The layout concept for printed matter is flexible and playful, while providing a minimalistic stage for Busch & Takasaki’s architectural images.

The team at Transatlantika swiftly delivered well-suited ideas for our brand identity. Our new visuals really helped us define the key properties of our corporate philosophy.”

– Julian Busch,
Founder at Busch & Takasaki Architects

The ampersand symbol combines graphical elements of letters of both of the founders names. It is part of their wordmark and also functions as a logo on its own.

← Busch & Takasaki Architecture business card design

← Postcard designs

The logo works as a layout element framing architectural images.

The brand identity includes two versions of the logo.

One is expressive, the other one for a more conventional use.

Busch & Takasaki Architecture letterhead design →

Busch & Takasaki Architecture
Visual Identity
Created in 2019

Client: Busch & Takasaki Architekten PartGmbB
Art Direction & Design: Transatlantika

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