Gut Bennigsen

Brand Identity & Marketing

Gut Bennigsen is an old knight’s estate in the countryside near Hannover, Germany. In 1311 the manor was first documented in the possession of the family von Bennigsen”.

When one of the decendants inherited the estate some years ago, he turned into a ever evolving cultural hub. Now different types of events and concerts are held regularly on the grounds, with further plans to expand the experience.

Transatlantika created a visual identity, an informative website and promotes Gut Bennigsen concerts and events with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Illustrated map of the estate grounds. 

The visual identity uses the groundplans of the buildings as defining shapes. →

← The Gut Bennigsen logo features the name‘s phonetic spelling to make it pronouncable in an international setting. It also puts the brand into a literary and cultural context.

The simple website informs visitors about past and present events at Gut Bennigsen.

Events at the estate grounds. →

Get together at the sheepfold (Photo: Moritz Küstner) and Vieux Farka Touré perfoming at the concert barn (Photo: Anna Kristina Bauer).

Movie night at the sheepfold and view of the village church and estate grounds (Photos: Moritz Küstner).

← Gut Bennigsen 2023 events poster

Bassekou Kouyate performing at the concert barn (Photo: Sofie Puttfarken) and our promotional poster in the city center of Hannover, Germany. →

Poster design for a performance by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba from Mali. 

For the poster we referenced the traditional Malian Bògòlanfini pattern with permission by the artist. →

← View of the entrance and main building of the Gut Bennigsen estate. 

Duotone colored images are used in promotional social media posts and printed matter.

A promotional brochure explains the concept of Gut Bennigsen. It talks about the rich history of the estate and the future development plans.

The slogan Expanding cultural heritage” highlights the inclusive mission of the founder while hinting at the historic background. →

← Social media posts for three of the 2024 concerts.

Gut Bennigsen 2024 events poster →

Poster design for the Vieux Farka Touré gig and his live performance at the concert barn (Photo: Anna Kristina Bauer). →

Beautiful rainbow at one of the Gut Bennigsen events (Photo: Anna Kristina Bauer). →

← Gut Bennigsen business card design

Gut Bennigsen
Brand Identity & Marketing
Created in 2023

Design & Marketing: Transatlantika
Client: Gut Bennigsen
Photography: Moritz Küstner, Anna Kristina Bauer & Sofie Puttfarken
Social Media: Bianca Gerecke
Performance Marketing: Dennis Hoffmann & Sascha Wegner

​“Expanding cultural heritage.”