Herr Menig Junior

Kids Optician Identity

Brand identity that features colorful geometric shapes and playful illustrations for Herr Menig Junior, an Optician for kids. 

The retail shop is a playful offshoot of Herr Menig Optik, an established Optometrist in Nürnberg, Germany.

Promotional postcard design and detail of the retail store interior. →

← The extraordinary retail interior was designed by Raum Klaue.

← Silly creature lurking and street signage for the retail shop in Nürnberg’s city center.

Fun geometric shapes accompany the owl logo on promotional images. →

Inspired by classic toys and the storefront of Herr Menig Optik’s main shop, the color palette is friendly and inviting. →

The typographic concept uses the font Signal Mono and borrows its spacing from optometry tests. →

The Herr Menig Junior logo relates to Herr Menig Optik’s initial logo, that is used for the shop for grown-ups. The owl parent had a child! →

← Another weird friend in the store and some window signage.

← More patterns and a shy blob.

Color application in the shop and a tote bag design worn by a child. →

Herr Menig Junior
Kids Optician Identity
Created in 2021

Client: Herr Menig Optik
Creative Direction & Illustration: Philipp Zurmöhle

Retail Store Photography:
Maria Bayer

Retail Interior Design:
Raum Klaue

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