Lokal Beer

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Graphic identity, packaging and logo design for Lokal Beer from Toronto, Canada.

Lokal Beer is focused on brewing and celebrating traditional German style beers, using fresh (lokal) ingredients. Their first city-themed beer is a classic Düsseldorf Altbier.

The river running through the city – in this case the Rhine in Düsseldorf – is shown on the can in a simplified way.

Inspired by the brand name the design draws from simple and bold map graphics and is referring to typical German informational Autobahn” aesthetics.

The logo symbol combines the two L’s from the name while pointing backward to brewing tradition and forward to brewing innovation.

At the same time it marks the spot of the featured location. →

← The colours draw from Düsseldorf’s crest colors underlining the heritage of the beer style.

While being very clean and straight-forward the chosen typeface GT Haptik” has interesting characteristics.

← The icons used for highlighting information on the Lokal Beer can are resembling map symbols to round off the navigational concept.

Lokal Beer
Brand Identity & Packaging Design
Created in 2019

Client: United Craft
Art Direction & Design: Philipp Zurmöhle

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