USA Market Entry

Transatlantika helped LUSINI expand their business to the United States. LUSINI is the leading distributor for restaurant and hotel supply in Europe.

Within just six months we established the respective infrastructure to allow LUSINI to be fully operational in the USA. That included founding their US company, setting up their American headquarters and taking care of the entire management for the US.

After conducting a thorough market analysis and positioning we developed their online store adapting their design to meet the needs of American customers.

A bolder approach to messaging and bigger images distinguish Lusini’s US webshop from websites they run in other countries. →

A simplistic design that lets the user intuitively navigate gives Lusini’s products a suitable stage with a premium feel. →

← Timeline for LUSINI’s USA market entry – it only took about 6 months from LUSINI’s initial request to their first US order.

← We carefully selected the most suitable visual content for the US market based on LUSINI’s rich photo archive.

LUSINI’s existing corporate wordmark was inherited to ensure a global brand recognition. →

A seal of quality” highlights the European heritage of the LUSINI products.

Custom icon designs for the webshop. →

Swiss-themed website promotion for winter season with watercolor painted stamp illustrations highlight the company’s European origin. →

USA Market Entry
Created in 2023

Client: Lusini Group GmbH
Conception, Design & Development: Transatlantika

Your source for European restaurant and hotel supplies.”