Pure Tea

Packaging Illustrations

Illustrations for the packaging design of German organic tea brand Pure Tea.

Detailed landscapes are depicted to show scenes from the teas’ countries of origin.

Launched in early 2019, the rebrand features 13 different flavour illustrations.

Created in collaboration with Heine Warnecke Design.

The design and illustrations won an iF Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award and a DDC Product Award.

The illustrations’ colours relate to the different tea flavours and regions’ cultural characteristics at the same time.

For the Pure Tea loose leaf teas the illustrations wrap around tin packaging.

A bustling Indian spice market in front of a hindu temple is shown on the chai tea pack.

On the Sencha tea packaging a Japanese garden filled with cherry blossom trees is featured. There’s a shinto temple in it with Mount Fuji in the background.

The peppermint flavour illustrates a lush garden scene at the entry gates of an ancient Moroccan city.

A mountainous Chinese landscape with a plantation in the foreground is depicted on the Illustration for the mango flavour.

Pure Tea
Packaging Illustrations
Created in 2018

Photo Credits:
Heine Warnecke Design

Client: Pure Tea
Created in collaboration with Heine Warnecke Design
Creative Direction: Dirk Heine
Layout and Design: Sina Feuerhake
Illustration: Philipp Zurmöhle

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