Wine Concepts

Label Design Exploration

Wine labels demand a special kind of attention when it comes to design and its details.

A careful balance between classic references and characteristic elements to address the specific consumers needs to be found.

We created a few concepts to explore what beauty, tradition and trends can mean for wine packaging design.

Brunello di Montalcino”
wine design concept

A classic Italian red from Tuscany. The watercolor-painted landscape illustration suggests craft and care in the wine making process. 

Generous spacing and a contemporary use of typography adds an elegant touch of modernity.

Ideation for a tasteful industry.”

Pays d’Oc Rosé Grenache“
wine design concept

This rosé is meant to be enjoyed in the sun. Preferably on the coast of southern France. 

The abstract shapes on the label are reminiscent of quirky creatures that might populate the beaches, creating a present-day feel that attracts a younger audience.

Cotes du Rhône”
wine design concept

A fruity French red that honors its tradition by telling the story of the wine through bold use of typography.

Suggesting history and literature the label design sends you straight to medieval France while maintaining a current appeal through its slightly unusual layout.

Pét Nat“
wine design concept

A wine for the hip sipper in search for something different.

The splashy pattern provides a confident handmade sensation, that underlines the raw natural origin of this wine.

This edgy blend is brought to you by imaginary Cosima Winery” from the Willamette Valley in Oregon (USA).

Pinot Noir”
wine design concept

This wine is expensive. An exquisite estate reserve pinot noir from the rolling hills of Oregon.

The design references known classic ingredients of wine labels, while carefully integrating aesthetic details of today.

Wine Concepts
Label Design Exploration
Created in 2023

Clients: Imaginary
Design & Illustration: Transatlantika

Enjoy responsibly”