Happy New Year!→ 2022 Wrap-Up

Myra smart radio app development

Myra Smart Radio App

This past year at Transatlantika has us grateful for our incredible partnerships and thankful for the trust our clients have put in us. 

We are more than proud of the relationships and outcomes. And for all those new to Transatlantika we look forward to the interactions, ideas and inspiration.

Take a look at some highlight projects we worked on in 2022.

Let’s plunge into 2023 together – Brand Ahead!

Myra smart radio app 02

Myra Smart Radio App

We concepted, developed and designed a smart radio app!

Adding a team of software developers to Transatlantika enables us to fully engineer mobile apps.

We did that this year by bringing the smart radio app MYRA to life. It now is at a prototype status and ready to be tested through Apple TestFlight. E‑mail us, if you want to be one of the first people to try it out!

See the full case study here.

Covey skincare packaging designs

Covey Skincare Packaging Designs

Our Covey packaging designs at Bloomingdale’s.

Our designs for Covey skincare are an instant stress reliever“ says The Dieline, a renowned packaging platform. The soft hues, loose kerning, and cloud imagery lead to an admiringly calming brand association through packaging alone“.

We loved working with Covey founders Emily DiDonato and Christina Garcia on creating retail packaging for their existing skincare products. They’re available in the US at Bloomingdale’s department stores.

See the full case study here.

10 jahre menig store 01

Herr Menig Optik in Nürnberg

Herr Menig Optik turns ten!

We’ve been working for Herr Menig Optik for 10 years now! Last year we created a colorful brand identity for Herr Menig Junior, their new store for kids. For this year’s anniversary of their shop for grown-ups we created an experimental typographic decal for their beautiful storefront.

Through its unsual design the illustration grabs the attention of bypassers in the historic city center of Nürnberg, Germany.

See some more pictures here.

Abler logo iceland

Abler Logo Redesign

Subtle, but Abler.

Not every rebrand needs to be radical. In Abler’s case a careful typographic logo adjustment was suitable, retaining their brand identity, while making them appear confidently futureproof at the same time.

The Icelandic institution works on creating abler” individuals through sports – digitally and on the field. We’re very proud to help them achieve their goals.

maka hawaiian macadamia nut butter chocolate

MAKA Macadamia Butter

We MAKA delicious logo and packaging design.

Our island theme continues and took us to Hawaii this year. MAKA macadamia nutbutter is made with all natural ingredients and also extremely tasty.

We designed their brand identity and labels, which make up a rainbow of taste in 18 different flavors.

Architekt wunder symbol

Architekt Wunder Logo Design

Building a sturdy brand identity

For architekt wunder we constructed a logo, that is reminiscent of traditional German timber framework. The design refers to the studio‘s main field of work, which is reimagining and remodeling old buildings. 

You can also spot the letters A and W from their name in those shapes.

Fridays for future transatlantika visual identity

Fridays For Future Logo Proposal

Climate Justice Now!

We designed a proposal for a new logo and identity for the climate strike initiative Fridays For Future. Our ambition is to support the cause and donate the designs to them. Protesters are welcome to use the logo and can download it on our website for free. 

The Portland Oregon chapter is getting ready to implement our designs and there are efforts to propose it to the global organisation.

See the full case study here.

Gut bennigsen events

Gut Bennigsen Logo Design

Noble plans to enjoy culture.

Gut Bennigsen is an old knight’s estate that dates back to the year 1311. The beautiful place in the surroundings of Hannover, Germany is being restored and will become a place that celebrates art.

For now Gut Bennigsen will host smaller concerts and events. We’ve designed an identity and a website to let people know what’s going on.

Visit the website:

Duererstuben klapp downin album cover

Dürerstuben Klapp Downin” Cover Art

Warm visuals for Dürerstuben!

A life without music is hard to imagine for us. That’s why we’re extra happy, that the Berlin-based electronic music producers Dürerstuben asked us to design the cover for their Klapp Downin EP. We created some dancing colors that warm up every club, just like Dürerstuben’s sounds.

See all graphics created here.

Transatlantika portraits

Team Transatlantika

This is us… 

Our team grew quite a bit in 2022! Apart from our brand design work, we can now develop mobile apps and software.

Learn more about our team here.

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Herr Menig Optik Storefront Photo Credits: Michael Menig
MAKA Macadamia Butter Photo Credits: Stuart Meece
Team Portrait Credits: Picpacker Motion Design